Homeschool Meeting

by Betty

How do you find out if there is a homeschool meeting in your area?

Diane's Reply:

I would start by looking for a support group. This site is a wealth of information when looking for support groups. Just click on the state of your choice in the left hand column. You'll notice support groups listed conveniently by county. I see that the Milwaukee area has a website.

Here is another great resource for the Milwaukee area: Milwaukee Home School Group. Tell Mary I sent ya! ;) Or try Googling homeschool and Milwaukee and see what you get!

If there isn't one close to you, find someone who homeschools nearby. Your local public school should know who is homeschooling in your school district. That first phone call will connect you with someone! Getting together with even ONE person will give you a chance to share concerns and resources. You'll also learn from his/her homeschooling experiences.

You may need to start a support group of your own. It may sound overwhelming at first, but it need not be. An informal homeschool meeting of just a couple of moms in the beginning is all you need to start. It will give you opportunities to plan and organize school field trip ideas, talent shows, science experiments, 4 H information, etc.

I know you and your family will make some wonderful friends...once you find them! And you will! It just takes a phone call or two to get the ball rolling.

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