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My daughter, Riley, and I put this list of free fun activities for kids together just for you!

fun activities for kids

Play kid games! They are a great way to bond as a family. Plus the children learn while they play!

Crafts are not just for school.

Snow? Grab a carrot and make a snowman, go sledding, or make a snow angel.

Grab some chalk and draw a picture, better yet play hopscotch! Click here for a free chalk recipe!

Go fishing. My daughter loves fishing and bonding with her dad. Dig for your own worms.

Cuddle together on the couch and read a book. There is nothing better than getting lost in your imagination in a story.

Bake cookies, either for you to enjoy or to give. We love baking cookies for Sunday School.

Make homemade play dough with this play dough recipe. Most of the ingredients you should already have. Use cookie cutters and other things lying around the house to play with it.

Build a fort using wood for your back yard fort or blankets in your living room.

Get out a family album and look through all the pictures! Look how much people changed through the years. Kids love looking at baby pics of themselves while learning about their family history.

Grocery shop together. Depending on the day and your kids, it may not be such a good activity. But, I love grocery shopping as a family. Plus, kids can learn by counting the apples, or naming all the colors.

Grab a basketball and shoot hoops at your local park.

Set up a lemonade or Koolaid stand outside on a hot day.

Go fly a kite! This is definitely our family favorite. (You can make kites yourself or you can purchase them at Target or Walmart for as little as a $1.)

Have a back yard BBQ. If you have a fire pit, you can make smores around a camp fire and sing or tell scary stories.

Play capture the flag outside.

Is it hot out? Play War outside with water balloon grenades and water guns. Adults even have a blast playing.

Karaoke! You don't even need a microphone. Make one and pretend while singing together.

Make mini boats and float them down a stream.

Play broom ball! It's like hockey only with a bigger ball and a broom instead of a stick.

Go for a bike ride.

Go rollerblading/skating outside.

Go swimming at your local lake. Lakes are always free vs going swimming at a pool.

fun activities for kids

Go for a hike. We love hiking in the fall and collecting acorns to try and grow trees. Plus all the colors in the forest are beautiful during the fall.

Try and learn a musical instrument together with books you checked out at the library.

Organize an outdoor clean up.

Plant a tree, flowers, or even a garden.

Go camping in your back yard.

Learn sign language.

Go bird watching.

Walk a dog (whether it's yours or a neighbor's).

Visit the country, or city depending on what's different than your normal surroundings.

Make homemade jam and bread.

Make someone breakfast in bed.

Join a church choir.

Play kids card games.

In the summer, lay blankets down and watch the clouds.

On a clear night, lay blankets down and watch the stars.

Make a picnic and go to a local park or grassy area. Even your back yard would be fun.

Take your dog (or neighbor's dog) to a dog park.

If you are near a beach, spend a day there making a sand castle and collecting sea shells.

Play Frisbee. (There is a park near my house that allows you to play Frisbee golf for free.)

Volunteer at the local animal shelter.

Play hang man or Tic Tac Toe.

Play tag or hide and go seek (my daughter loves this game.)

Put together a treasure hunt. Mom place cookies or whatever treasure you want in a box. Hide it and draw a map for them to find it. X marks the spot.

Cook dinner together.

Dress up fancy and have a fashion show.

Have a tea party.

Play restaurant. (Let the kids be the waitress and take your order.)


Watch old home movies.

Play charades.

Have a closet cleaning party and donate old items.

Find out the history of your town, or better yet, the history of your house (if not brand new). City hall should have info on your house.

Climb a tree. (Be very careful.)

Make popcicles or your own snow cones.

Make a homemade bird feeder.

Catch fireflies or butterflies. But, let them go after a while.

Call your local book store like Barns and Noble or Borders and see if they have a story time for kids.

Go to a little league game. Bring your own lunch.

Jump rope, learn double dutch.

Blow bubbles with dish soap.

Call home depot and ask about the free kids workshop.

Go to free community parades and carnivals.

Volunteer at a food bank or church.

Make a time capsule about your family.

Every day spend time to talk about your "sandwich of your day". (Have your kids tell you a positive about their day, the bread, a negative thing, the peanut butter, and another positive the other slice of bread.)

Learn how to read a map.

Look up all the fun things that happened on the day each one of you were born.
fun activities for kids Spend a day at your local park and have a BBQ.

The library has a range of fun activities for kids any time during the year. Ask your librarian, 9 times out of 10 they are free. While there you could play games on the computer or look through books. It's fun for your kids and always free.

Visit a pet store and look at all the animals.

Go on a bug hunt.

When it's raining, put on rain coats and boots and splash in the puddles.

Attend a free classic car show.

Build a puzzle together as a family.

Take photographs of landmarks in your city.

Take out all the toys you bought and play like crazy.

Use your imagination and pretend you're different animals.

Make food from other countries.

Listen to stories on tape together.

Go for a long walk together just talking and bonding.

Listen to live music. (Every summer at a local park in our area, they have bands that play for free. See if you have a park like that in your area.)

Paint pictures of family members.

Make thank you cards for people.

Make a homemade pizza.

Have a scavenger hunt of your neighborhood. See how many pink flowers or green cars you can find.

Take a scenic drive.

Go to a free poetry reading.

Paint a room.

See if there is a free silent movie outside in your area. They usually play them at parks.

Hope you found this list of fun activities for kids helpful!

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