Considering Homeschooling

by Christine


My name is Christine in southeastern Wisconsin and I have been considering Homeschooling for quite some time now. I have a 6 year old boy, almost 4 year old daughter, and 16 month old boy. My kids attend public school because we can't afford the private Christian school at our Baptist church at the moment.

I have no teaching background and no one in my family has ever homeschooled so I feel very lost in terms of where to start and how to start and what Christian curriculum will be best for my children. I want them so much to have God in their hearts and to know His truths along with school teaching.

Could someone please suggest a conservative, Bible believing Christ centered home school curriculum?

Thank you.


Diane's reply to Considering Homeschooling:

How wonderful to hear you're considering homeschooling your children! I sense your anxiety, I was there, too! But it really is much easier than you're thinking right now.

This Home Schooling Kindergarten page shows you the books that really helped us lay the important foundation for homeschooling. Your children are still very young so I strongly recommend getting a copy of Ruth Beechick's 3R series. It will start you off simply without being overwhelming and it's very inexpensive to boot!

You mentioned a Bible believing Christ centered home school curriculum. Dear friends of ours have been very happy using Abeka Books and their Homeschool DVD program. Yet another family is using the Alpha Omega Curriculum. We, on the other hand, have been very happy with the Sonlight curriculum.

Since you live in Wisconsin, be sure you understand what Wisconsin Homeschooling is all about. At Home With Learning is an excellent reference guide for all of us living in Wisconsin. I believe it's still under $30 and available via a link on the page.

Take your time, you have many years ahead of you. Whatever homeschooling option you choose will benefit. Try one! The beauty of homeschooling is having the option to change as you go, and that's okay!

I can tell you're an educated loving parent. It does not matter if you do not have a teaching background, I certainly didn't! Search curricula, find the right one to fit you and your family. You'll know when you see it.

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