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cheap clothes


I know a lot of people who will say, the only way to save on clothing is to buy used. Well, I don't necessarily feel that way. Yes, you can save a ton of money on used clothing, if you can find good quality for the right price. But, I have found used clothing to rarely be in great condition and a good price.

My friend and I have gone to a few garage sales and a few thrift stores. What I noticed about clothes is that a lot were stained, or had holes and they definitely were not cheap. I found stained no name kid shirts for as much as $7.00! Thrift stores were even worse at overpricing the items. The best way to find cheap clothes, I feel, is on sale...brand new at stores. I have bought my daughter expensive brand name shirts at stores for $2.00. That's cheaper than the used and it's brand new! Most clothing stores have a sale rack all year long. Even some stores a few times a year will have sales on their sale racks. One time I bought my daughter tons of new shirts and jeans on the sale rack. They took an additional 60% off all those clothes that were already on sale. It ended up costing me a little more then $10.00!

Another great way to save money on clothes would be, to invest in a good stain remover. The more stains you can get out of clothes, the longer they will last. We moms know that teen girls won't wear anything with a stain.

Save all your kids clothes that are stain free and in good shape for your younger ones. Hand me downs are very practical.

Think about making your own clothes. It could be fun for older ones, to learn to sew. They can get creative. Plus, after they are done, they can wear them and be proud of what they made.


The absolute best time of year to buy toys and games for kids would be the month of January. The stores order tons of toys during the Christmas season. Sometimes too many. So right after the holidays all the extra toys go on clearance. The absolute worst time of year to buy toys is the month of December. Stores are kind of tricky around the holidays. They will lower a very few prices of toys to make shoppers think they are having a huge sale. But, then they will price other toys up a couple dollars. That way they can make up for the toys that are on sale. You have to be very careful shopping around the holiday season. Don't let the stores trick you. Shop online instead. That way you can look around for the very best deals.

Toys are actually a great thing to buy used. Kids now a days get so many toys that most are barely played with. And used toys drop greatly in price. If it's in good shape and a reasonable price, it's a great way to save money. Half the time your kid won't even know it's used. Also board games are a great used investment. Just make sure they have all the pieces and instructions before you buy. You can get used games at thrift stores and garage sales for as little as $2.00

Make your own toys! What ever happened to the days where we would patiently wait for our parents to finish that toy train set they were making for us? Or that doll house? Not only is it personal, it's something they will really treasure throughout the years...something they can pass on to their children.

Your bargain friend!

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