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Here are a few more 4H Projects in Woodworking, Drawing and Painting, and Scale Models. You will find a list of more at the bottom of the page.

4-H Projects

These made-from-a-kit Derby Cars were so much fun. Not only making them, but racing them. Laura and Emily may not have gotten an award for speed, but they did for style!

Laura's Woodburned Badger was hand penciled on the wood first. If you decide to woodburn anything, an air purifier is well worth the investment!

4 h projects4 h projects

These next two items were both made at Family Learning Day and are still in the girls' room. All Emily had to do was put her shelf together and stain it. Laura's peg shelf also required assembly and paint.

4 h projects

The following three projects were made using a scroll or jig saw. Laura's turtle puzzle was made using a thicker piece of wood. The horses were cut out of scraps of thin wood that Mark had in the basement. Emily painted her free-hand design black. Laura found her design from a scroll saw book and stained it.

4 h projects

4 h projects4 h projects

Garrett's birdhouse was made in a class at Family Learning Day. Each child had a pile of precut pieces that needed to be sanded and assembled in class.

4 h projects4 h projects

Drawing and Painting
4H Projects

We took homeschool drawing with the help of a little booklet I ran across by Mark Kistler. We purchased his Draw Squad book which I highly recommend. This led us to the Draw Today program which was used to make the Lincoln and Mona Lisa charcoal drawings. Our county 4H office was always looking for drawings to put on their programs and brochures.

4 h projects
4 h projects
4 h projects

4 h projects4 h projects

4 h projects4 h projects

Scale Model
4H Projects

Garrett was always building things. This is just a sampling of the things he put together.
4 h projects4 h projects

Check out our other 4 H Project ideas. Here is a list of other 4-H Club projects we've done over the years.

Rubber Stamped Clock
Greeting Cards
Poems and Essays
Bean Bags
Knitted Dishcloths and Scarves
Needlepoint Bookmarks
Dried Flower Arrangements
Sewing-Pajamas and Doll Outfits
Ukrainian Egg Decoration
Glass Plate Decorated with Mulberry Paper
Tie-Dye Pillow Cases, T-shirts and Socks
Ceramic Decorations
Leather Stamping-Bracelet
Bracelet made from Fishing Swivels and Beads

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