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We've included some of our project ideas for you, too. With my four homeschool children in 4-H for 8 years, we've completed close to a hundred projects! No wonder we spent weeks on our record books. Ugh!

Take advantage of the fun ideas especially from others who have contributed below. They'll be sure to spark ideas of your own!

Cloverbud 4 H Project

Garrett made this charcoal horse drawing using the simple step-by-step instructions in the Draw Today program. The snowmen were created with wooden shapes that Annette painted to look like snowmen. She later added cloth hats and scarves. They're hinged allowing them to stand on their own.

4 h project, charcoal horse drawing

4 h project, wooden snowmen

4 h project, snowmen woodscreen

Arts and Crafts
4 H Project

You can do a number of things with gourds once you use your imagination. They make great bird houses (just drill a hole!) or decorate as Emily (age 11) did. It went to State! She has made a couple of wreaths, one from grape vines and this one from pine boughs.

4 h project, state gourd 4 h project, wreath

Laura's gourd also went to State. Using carbon paper they simply traced the images directly onto the gourds. Coloring book pages are great because the pictures are usually bigger making it easier to work with. After wood burning they painted with a hobby paint we had around the house.

4 h project, painting gourd

4 h project, painted gourd

The eucalyptus swag was made at our local Family Learning Day by Laura. We still have it hanging in our school room. The quilling figures are made using strips of paper and a quilling tool. They make a fun addition to homemade greeting cards that you can enter in the Self Determined Project.

4 h project, wall swag

4 h project, quilling creatures

Laura's photo album cover was another project she did at Family Learning Day.

4 h project, photo album cover

4 h project, photo album cover

Annette made a place mat which is easy to do. Just choose a design and place onto contact paper. Straight stitches and batting created this simple pillow. Emily created the sun plate using a special paint for glass. The bird sun catchers were created by using tubes of special paint that dry hard, start outlining in black first. Lay a clear plastic sheet over a page from a coloring book. Yes, Annette broke her wrist that year!

4 h project, placemat, pillow

4 h project, bird suncatchers

4 h project, painted sun plate

Laura is wearing the tie dye shirt she made and holding the shelf she put together and stained. The potpourri jar is made with any jar carefully layering the potpourri around a string of lights. It's topped with a crocheted doily to allow the fragrance through when you plug the lights in. No stitching was necessary for the fleece pillow. It was cut with an even amount of "laces" and tied around a pillow. Annette also macramed some jewelry.

4 h project, shelf

4 h project, fleece pillow

4 h project, potpourri jar

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