by Karen T
(Thomasville, Ga USA)

I've noticed over the years, that the history and science books keep changing to fit the "politically correct" views of the moment. But is it the truth?

Call me silly, but I don't think you can re-write history! Isn't that why it's called "history"? It's done! It can't change!


There's that, now on to safety! You can't go a week without hearing stories about kids taking guns to school! I'm scared to death!

Reply by Diane:

So True! Our young (and not-so-young!) children are influenced so easily by their peers, books, media, etc. We must constantly have our antennae up, catching what goes on around them. Those very topics have made for many a good discussion around the dinner table and during our Bible study time here at home. (History and science do not always agree with our Bibles either, do they?!) I am so thankful that we still have the freedom to teach our children what we as parents consider to be the Truth!

Karen, you brought up a very important topic. Thank you!

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May 16, 2009
Here, here!
by: Anonymous

I totally agree!

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