Traditional School Day is Longer

by Nita

Abeka DVD may be 4 to 5 hours but a traditional school day is longer. Unlike many of the posters on boards I've seen review Abeka, my kids were in public/private school til 3rd, 6th and 10th grades. A 4 to 5 hour homeschool day to them is nothing. It's actually a wonderful change.

When they were in public/private school they would be in school for 8 hours - then come home to do 1 to 2 hours of homework and/or reinforcement of facts from me that filled in the gaps. The DVD school with books gives them the same look and feel that being in school does. We do fast forward through the games and the other kid's reading. I make my kids read during that time.

Also, this is not a program where the parent just turns on the DVD and leaves the kid hoping the kid stays focused and learns on their own. I am in the room with both my 7th and 4th grader while they are doing school. I jump in to listen to them read. I also fast forward through the quiz checks, since I like to review the quiz with my kids one on one.

This program has everything a parent needs to teach at home. Yes, my kids get bored, but school - any school is sometimes boring. But they say compared to public/private school, this is great. Also, the detail in this curriculum allows my husband and I to easily share in the schooling since we both work outside of the home.

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