The Fire Stone

The Fire Stone: Book One of The Reign of the Elements

The Fire Stone: Book One of The Reign of the Elements

If you're looking for a great fantasy adventure story for kids ages 9-15, The Fire Stone is the book for you!

The Fire Stone: Book One of The Reign of the Elements is a high fantasy adventure story with vibrant characters, fast-paced action, and humor. Three terrifying creatures attack fifteen-year-old Matt, he is rescued by a wizard, kidnaps a baby alorath, and is befriended by elves, and Matt’s life transforms overnight from dreary to astonishing. Throughout a journey of perilous adventures, a group of teenagers, led by fifteen-year-old Matt, demonstrate courage, friendship, and a sense of humor as they attempt to save their world from an evil elf who can manipulate the power of the elements. Matt discovers that he has extraordinary powers that can change his destiny and determine the fate of Mundaria.

Riley's mom, Wendy, thankfully gave us a little background about her successful (and I might add humble) author-daughter below...enjoy!

Riley Carney is sixteen years old and she is homeschooled. She has already written all five books of The Reign of the Elements series. Young readers instinctively recognize that the story is rooted in genuine adolescent thought and emotion. Riley has also completed the first book of an urban fantasy trilogy for older teens.

Riley is passionate about literacy for children, because she believes that the way to help children break the cycle of poverty and exploitation is through literacy. She created her non-profit when she was fourteen and she has built two schools and water purification systems in Africa, created a children's literacy center in a women's shelter in Colorado and bought over a thousand new books for programs in low-income neighborhoods in the U.S.

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