The Chronicles of Narnia

by Melodee (@authormom)
(Flagstaff Az USA)

My 4 children all cut their educational teeth on The Chronicles of Narnia series. The characters and situations take a child and adult into other realms of magic, honor, chivalry & courage. From Kindergartener to 7th grader, they would read or sit spellbound as the older children read. They still say that was one of their favorite times (years) in homeschooling. We read & re-read them and now as adults they want to go back and read them again.

Reply by Annette:

These were some of our family favorites, too. We read them over and over, because the stories and the excitement never got old! C.S. Lewis created a series that captivates children of ALL ages. Now we are enjoying the Narnia movies that came out recently. Anyone who likes the books should watch the movies, too!

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