Teaching Different Ages

by Bella
(New Brunswick)

How do you manage teaching different ages of children? We have young children now, but in a couple of years they'll be starting school. I just wonder how in the world I am going to be able to teach more than one grade at a time!

You have four children, right? How do you give them your full attention and teach them at the same time when they are learning different things at different levels?

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I sincerely appreciate it!

Diane's Reply to Teaching Different Ages:

Dear Bella,

My children are 2-3 years apart, so there are some subjects that we combine, like reading and science or history. There are many times throughout any given day when something new can be shared and learned by all, including us parents! Your older children will also be able to teach the younger ones down the road. That is a win-win because it not only frees you up, but your "teacher" will have to know it WELL to be able to teach it! For instance, have one dictate a writing assignment to another.

Math and language arts were subjects that the children worked on individually. If one needed help, I would get them started. This is when you give each one your full attention. Once they got going, they could do many problems on their own which would allow me to move on to someone else. The one-on-one is the best really, because you can catch mistakes early on, set them straight and continue from there. They pick it up fast because they're young! The books keep you on track. You'll do fine. Think of yourself as a one-room school teacher! It really is easier than it seems.

Keep in mind...

There are many teaching hours in a day and they don't all come from a book. Your children start WANTING to learn, they WILL, especially in a loving one-on-one environment like I know you will give them. You have years to teach, they have hundreds of days to learn and countless hours to fill their little heads. You are going to be amazed at how smart your children will become. It is truly gratifying to watch them blossom right before your very eyes!

I hope that helped. If you remember to teach one day at a time, you'll do fine. Try different things. If one works, great. If not, change! There are many ways to teach, pick the one that is right for YOU!

Dawn from Moms-Inspire-Learning did an article about our daily activities. You will learn more here.

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