by Clara

I was reading your site over again today and started reading the sports section under 5 Reasons Not to Homeschool. You mentioned that our state does not allow participation in public school athletics unless you are enrolled full-time in the system.

Since I'm from Wisconsin, I was wondering what you meant by that. You mean you can't participate in athletics at schools, or in general? I was thinking about sending my daughter to the school of dance. They have a class there once a week in the evening, starting as little as 3 years of age. I was thinking that could be another way she could interact with kids her age.

Would she be able to join something like that if she was homeschooled? What about the YMCA? They have gymnastic classes, and swimming, tennis, volleyball, and basketball teams. Could she join anything like that if she is interested if she was homeschooled?

Thank you so much!

Diane's Reply:


Hello fellow Wisconsinite!

Because you're from Wisconsin, I will elaborate a little on the laws of our state regarding homeschooling and athletics. The following is taken from the book Homeschooling in Wisconsin - At Home With Learning and I quote:

"Some homeschooling athletes want to play on public school sports teams. Their desire is understandable, but their participation in public school sports would jeopardize the homeschooling freedoms of all of us. The WIAA (Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association) rules limit participation in school sports to students who are enrolled full-time as defined by the DPI (Department of Public Instruction). If homeschoolers were allowed to play on public school sports teams, they and other homeschoolers would be forced to comply with the DPI's definition of a full-time student, which would give the DPI authority over homeschoolers."

Bottom line, here in Wisconsin, our children are not allowed to play an organized sport through the public school system. Period. Can they play somewhere else? Certainly!

Dance classes here in our community are privately run and so would not be a problem. So, by all means, enroll your daughter in dance and have fun!

Here are a few other ideas for down the road:

We used the YMCA a lot when the kids were young. Garrett continues to play basketball and football with area homeschoolers. You could call your local recreation department for more information. Start a Family Fun Night during the summer months at a park and meet a couple of times a month. Check to see if you can rent your local public school gym. We are playing volleyball there on Friday evenings for only $5/hour, equipment included!

There are lots of alternatives to playing in a public school sport. Sometimes we just have to be more creative!

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Homeschooling and Sports
by: FL Mom

It sounds like Wisconsin needs a version of the "Tim Tebow" law!

Here in Florida, homeschoolers are entitled to play on the teams of their locally zoned public schools. To my knowledge, we do not lose any of our homeschooling benefits by doing so.

Tim Tebow - Heisman Trophy winner and outstanding quarterback at UF - was a homeschooler here in Florida who played football at his public school! He is an amazing young man.

We are very lucky to have this option here in FL.

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