by James
(Rhode Island)

Have you bought any of the Sonlight Curriculum packages? And would you recommend them for the future?

Some of the curriculum packages are pretty expensive. So I was thinking if I went with their curriculum, that I wouldn't buy the packages. I would just look at their book list and maybe buy the instructors guide and some of the books from them. I have found some of their recommended books cheaper elsewhere. I could even check out some from the library.

Also, I have been looking a lot through my Sonlight catalog and some grades have 2 or 3 different core programs. How do you know what one to do? And then sometimes in the catalog they have grade 1 and then they have grade 1+2 and then they have grade 2. I guess I don't get what is the difference between 1 and 1+2? Do you have any idea?

Reply by Diane:

Yes, I would agree to some extent that Sonlight is a little pricey. We never ordered the complete core packages, but we have ordered the Instructor's Guides. As for books, if we or the library didn't have what I'm looking for, then I would order it from Sonlight or Amazon, or wherever. I think Amazon usually has that free shipping deal on a $25 order or more.

Sonlight breaks it down so that if you want to do World History in ONE year you can, using 1+2. It has you reading fewer books to get it done in a year. Otherwise it takes 2 years to complete Part 1 and Part 2. We tended to read the books from EACH part (rather than the 1+2) so as not to miss a single book!

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Answers to Your Sonlight Questions
by: Luke Holzmann

I have purchased a Sonlight package and I would absolutely do it again! So, yes: I recommend them. Of course, I also work at Sonlight. I also used Sonlight growing up. So I'm a little biased. That doesn't mean I'm wrong though. =)

Some people do go the library route, feeling the need to save money. That can work. Sonlight offers packages to help families who don't want to go through the hassle of assembling everything themselves. Many families who start out with trying to assemble the package for cheap or free discover after a year or so that it isn't worth it. But if you can make it work for your family, great! Just remember, if you start getting frustrated by all the time and effort you have to put into pulling all the resources together, that Sonlight is here to help make your life easier. Plus, a personal home library that your family will use over and over and over again is awesome!

The packages are great because of the guarantee and discounts. We compare prices to other online retailers and with our packages we're very competitive price-wise. Plus, we guarantee you'll love it. If you don't after trying it for half a year, send it back and we'll refund your money.

The 1+2 and 3+4 programs are condensed programs for those who don't have two years to cover the material. If you need help selecting a Core, be sure to chat with a Sonlight Advisor:

Hope that helps!


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