Social Behavior

by Billie Freeman
(United States)

We get asked all the time, "What about social behavior?" Our answer, "That IS why we school our children at home!"

We e-school our children with a public school system. We began our journey when peer pressure (name calling for wearing glasses) and schoolwork were not working together. Our children couldn't be happier! And so are we (the parents).

I love your article. Like you said, children will pick up their social skills from their peers (school), TV (shows) anywhere, from anyone that the world deems "acceptable". Most behavior, as you will find by turning on the TV, is NOT acceptable. Do you want your child to act like this? Talk like this? I would hope not!

Before we began schooling at home, our oldest at the time was attending Kindergarten at a "good school district". I was correcting behavior that she was picking up at school almost every night. She treated her other sisters horribly without respect because that is what she learned at school. Not to mention I was always trying to explain "words" she heard on the playground in Kindergarten (sex, pregnant, etc.) it was awful! Yes, children need social skills, by schooling them at home. They are more capable of communicating on a higher level than the children at the brick and mortar schools. It is sad, but I have witnessed it over and over again. My family feels very blessed to be able to teach social & academic skills to our children at home.

Thanks again for all you do! Sites like yours can help so many families out there!

Diane's Reply to Social Behavior:

Thank you Billie for your comment and kind words. I know that these tidbits from homeschooling parents truly empower new and veteran homeschoolers to know that they can DO IT!

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Socialization ??
by: Anonymous

I started home schooling my daughter 1 1/2 years ago. She is in the 4th grade now . I pulled her out in the middle of 2nd grade. We could not be happier!! We love it!!

When I started home schooling, it seemed that I was always explaining myself to others (family and the public) why I home school and trying to answer the unkind comments of socialization. I have finally come up with a "nice" comment to those who don't agree with home schooling when we are asked "What about socialization?"

My response...My daughter has no problem socializing. The only difference now is she doesn't get in trouble talking to her friends and she's still having fun like she would in school. With a smile, I turn away. You should see the look on their faces!!!!

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