Single Mom & Homeschool

by Tajj
(Sacramento, CA)

Thank you, I am totally enlightened & this brought a lot of comfort to my heart as I'm newly educating myself on homeschooling (about 3 days now)!!! I'm a single parent to a 3 1/2 year old. Before, I was looking into a bunch of private preschools because I was researching the public school system & reflecting on my own public school experience. This is something I never even cared about a few months ago! But I don't want my child to go through what I've been through....then I wondered, is private school even the answer?? It costs a lot but I'm learning more & more & I'm almost determined to homeschool my child at this point.

What's conflicting my mind is being a working mom and a single homeschooling mom!!! I know it will be difficult but I'm sure there is a way......thanks for this. I definitely will refer back in the future!

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You can Homeschool as a Single Parent
by: Nita

You can do this! Childcare is easy until age 6 years old. You can do the schooling once you pick your child up, focusing only on Reading, Language Arts, Writing and Math until 1st grade. Then you can find online, interactive programs to help you teach.

You have plenty of time to map out your path.

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