Shorten Abeka Week

by Karla

I homeschool my 2 girls and we have made 5 days in 4 work. It makes for a little bit of a longer day, but it is not horrible considering you get Friday "off". All you do is add 1 or 2 subjects to the end of each day. It is a bit complicated, but I will try and give you an example:

Day 1-Complete entire day, add Day 2 Language
Day 2-Compete entire day skipping over Language class, add Day 3 Language and Writing
Day 3-Complete entire day skipping over Language and Writing, then add Day 4 Language, Writing, Spelling, and Health
Continue this way until Thursday when you will finish up your fifth day, skipping over Bible Day 5. According to my source, Abeka is set up so that there is one day for Chapel. You can now use Day 5 for a personal Bible study and everything else you want to teach your children.

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Great way to shorten day
by: Nita

We shorten our week just by starting in the summer. We do 4 days a week but start in July.

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