Shorten Abeka Week

by Sissy

Is it possible to shorten the Abeka week to 3 or 4 days per week?

I have homeschooled for about 20 years and used many things. The last 5 years we have used the Abeka DVD Program. We love it. However, without spending the next six months going thru with a fine tooth comb to "re-do" the whole plan, I was hoping someone else had already figured out what can be cut and still get the full benefit of the program.

My last two girls are 12 and 14 and I would really love more time with them to teach them life skills and serving. Abeka, as it is, is a lot of work and takes all day. I would love to have at least one day per week to teach them other things.

Jamie's Reply to Shorten Abeka Week:

Dear Sissy,

How wonderful to have homeschooled 20 years! Congratulations! But, my first reaction to your question was...are you crazy?! :)

As you already know, Abeka is a full day's curriculum. The mere thought of trying to cram 5 full days into 3 or 4 sends chills up my spine! That would make for very long days and tough on your girls, UNLESS your girls are super smart and already ahead of the game. But missing one day a week would make it very difficult for them to do well on the required quizzes and tests.

Abeka is basically school at home. If you miss a day, you need to make that up somehow. They would also miss important steps or hints in Math for example. I cannot recommend you shorten the Abeka week.

That said, I totally relate, though. Abeka is very thorough, so there were times when I would speed it along. Like shut the tape off and read along WITH them, instead of listening to the "school" children on the tape stumble through the lesson. Only do that though if YOU fully understand what is being taught. And remember, the accredited program requires that you send in your children's test scores. I believe they do not want you giving them any more than 3 tests per day.

I also know that Abeka does a lot of review those first few weeks. But personally, we liked the review. It helped the material stick.

Maybe you should consider a different curriculum, one you could tailor to fit your new learning style.

But use your own discretion. You know what's best for you and your family. It may just work for you!

All the Best,

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We do a 4 day school week w/ Abeka
by: Nita

Yes you can do a 4 day school week - HOWEVER, that may mean having a longer school year.

We scheduled it out and started school 4 days a week in July (week after July 4th) and are able to complete the school year on May 21st. Also means we only get 1 week off for Christmas and 1 week for Thanksgiving.

It can be done, but you just have to add more days to your school year.

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