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I live in Georgia and would like to homeschool my kids. Do I have to do a lesson plan and submit it?

Is there a site where I can do all of this?

If I cannot afford a curriculum, can I use the internet to get worksheets and other things, as well?

Also, I read that you have to test every three years. So, if my children are currently in 3rd grade (repeater) and a 5th grader (IEP), when will they need to be tested?

Where can I have their testing done?

Diane's Reply:

You have some excellent questions! You are wise to search out all of your concerns ahead of time! Our site is designed to help parents understand the basics of get a feel of what it's all about. Which is partly why you stopped by!


Homeschooling laws differ in every state. I do not know what Georgia requires, but here are a couple of excellent sites that will provide you with clear information to get you off to a great start:


Start with those links first. They will point you in the right direction.

If you attend a church, ask other members if they know of anyone who homeschools. Chances are there will be someone who is! I would even bet that your public school knows who is homeschooling. They may consent to contacting them for you with your name and phone number. That gives the homeschooler the option of contacting you without the school having to give you their name. We have to be careful about privacy issues here. ;)

There is no better way to learn helpful tips, than from a fellow homeschooler in your area. Search them out, make new friends. You'll be so glad you did!

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Another GA Resource
by: BabetteR (Home Education Information Resource)is another great resource for info on homeschooling in Georgia.

I homeschooled in Ga. for about six years and consider Ga. one of the "middling" states as far as requirements--not the easiest, but not the hardest. You'll get it!

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