Reinforcement Material?

by Christy Tavares
(Milledgeville, Ga)

Does anyone else think that the science and history books need reinforcement material? I feel that both subjects need ways to reinforce the topic being studied.

Unless I am missing something- it's read, discuss, answer the questions, maybe a demonstration (lab) and quiz. When do they practice what they have read? I haven’t seen any practice worksheets with new vocabulary terms or information. My children do not have photographic memories – so reading the information is a way to introduce the material but, when do they get to work with the information?

So, I guess what I am asking is, where is the reinforcement resources for the kids? The “Student- Quizzes, Test and Worksheets” booklet only have four actual worksheets. Am I missing something? I am satisfied with the math and grammar portion of the curriculum but not so much with the rest…

Question- in teaching reading where do the children learn specific things like personification, parts of a story, setting, plot, cause and effect? I am looking for these things but I am not finding them.

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great comments
by: Andrea E. Smith

I feel really fortunate to have used your webpage and look forward to so many more fun moments reading here. Thanks a lot again for a lot of things.

Science supplements?
by: Nita

I decided to supplement my kid's science. I have a curriculum of individual labs that can be done at home and will have them do it as a side project. However, my oldest daughter who I homeschooled for a year then graduated had never taken a Biology or Chemistry class at home or in her public high school. She did rather well in these courses at the Community College and stated that doing the labs were fun and easy if you followed the directions. So just as long as the child understands how to do a lab, doing so in college should be simple.

Is this your first year?
by: Jamie

Let me start by asking, is this your first year, Christy? Because if it is, I can understand where you're coming from. You will discover as the years go on that there is a lot of reinforcement. Granted, there is no perfect curriculum. But it wasn't until after we completed our first year that I felt comfortable with it.

What I really like about Abeka, is that they actually do reinforce what the children learn by:

1. Overlapping between subjects. For instance, Alyssa is studying about the Indians in history while learning all about the different types of trees in science.

2. Asking questions (summing the story up with comprehension questions) and discussing the plot and moral of the story. Every chapter covers the why.

3. Repeating what they learned the year before. We started Aleah in Kindergarten and every year they are still starting out with Adam and Eve or Jamestown and the Mayflower.

I would be happy to discuss this with you further, if you'd like. Just contact Diane and she will get you in touch with me.

Reinforcement Material
by: Anonymous

We are just starting out with Abeka this year as well. It's funny, but I was just telling my husband that same thing yesterday! I love the math and LA, and I do like the reading stories, but I just have my kids tell me the plot, the events, the characters, etc...just to add, but would love to know when this stuff is taught.

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