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Kiteboarding Birthday Cake

Kiteboarding Birthday Cake

I was reading your home school ideas and you mention Playmobil for preschool. I have never heard of that. What is it exactly?

Reply from Diane:

We ran across Playmobil at a rummage sale, of all places, when the children were really little. It was an old set, but still in good shape. And at a good price. =)

They're little plastic people that bend at the waist and their arms and heads turn. There's a picture of them on our Recipes for Kids page. The kids still decorate our family birthday cakes. The one above was for Mark's birthday this past weekend. He's the one with the white helmet trying to kiteboard, but the kite is caught in the tree. I'm supposed to be the one in red holding the video camera. Of course, there is no Kiteboarding set, per se, so they improvised using parts they had. For instance, the kite's ropes are buggy whips from a horse set and the white board happens to be from another toy set we had laying around that fit the theme. They made the kite from paper.

We found new sets at the Learning Shop in Oshkosh. Playmobil is what the children usually wanted for gifts. You might want to try Amazon if you don't have a store near you.

I won't ever get rid of them, my grandchildren will love them, too! Actually I don't think my children would ever part with them!

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