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We tried Abeka Arithmetic 6 and God's Gift of Language B last year for a bit, with our 11 year old daughter and, to be honest, we REALLY were not keen on either one. Bright & colourful, yes. The work itself though - repetitive & dreary. Not enough explanation either and the teacher's book is solely an answer key, NOT a "teacher's guide". Daughter did NOT like it at all, and frankly neither did I. Might be a good fit for some, but it wasn't for us. Too much like public school materials, perhaps. Sorry!

Reply by Diane:

No need to be sorry, we appreciate your frankness! Someone may be looking for a program similar to public school and like it! However, if you are, you may want to take a peek at the “Teacher’s Guide” first. Or check out what other math curricula families are using in “YOUR Math Reviews”.

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Appreciate your honesty...
by: Anonymous

Granted, no curriculum is perfect, but your honesty has given me reason to locate a book and flip through it. That should give me a feel for the program.

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