Nevada Homeschool Law

by Emily

I want to homeschool my son in 2015-2016 for 3rd grade for religious reasons. I can't get a clear grasp on the Nevada state laws as to whether or not I can use my own homemade curriculum. I have a support group and professional correspondence who will help me determine the details of the curriculum, I'm just not sure if it's legal to do what I want to do.

Basically, I want to scale down on the "standard" academic portion of his education and teach him basic living skills like cooking, cleaning and sustainability. I would have a main daily lesson that is academic but the majority of his education would be focused on teaching him how to get to know himself, to take care of himself and the world around him. My daily lesson would come from a Waldorf curriculum or at least be inspired from it.

Would I be in compliance with state law if I did this?

Nevada Homeschool Law Reply:

Great question, Emily. Please know I live in Wisconsin and cannot possibly know all the homeschool laws in all the 50 states. I can suggest contacting, though. Their site gives information by state so you can then get accurate answers.

If anyone else has experience homeschooling in Nevada, please respond!

Thank you for visiting and all the best on your new venture.

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