My Own Experiences

by Maria Northey
(Lucknow, ON, Canada)

There are many reasons, these are some of my own experiences, not in any particular order of importance:

Why I Dislike Public Schools

- Negative personal experience from my schooled days.
Due to my father's profession, I was raised in several different schools and countries. I was always misunderstood and neglected, never learned properly, felt dumb... I believe it's hard to learn properly in any institution (big or small). There are many distractions from daydreaming to peers.

- Small amount of personal involvement with parent.
My oldest child went to school. I was working, he is now 20, I missed so much of his childhood. My other 3 youngest (9 yrs age gap) have been homeschooled from the start...

Why I Chose to Homeschool

- Christian principals and teaching curriculum, combined with homemaking training.

- I do believe one-on-one (like tutoring) is the quickest and more efficient way to learn: less rigid, less time on the desk, more reading, lots of real playing time, NO PEER PRESSURE, you can be "yourself", enjoying your childhood in a less threatening way.

- I get to "really" know my kids and vice versa, not always a good thing :-)

- #1 reason..... I felt a calling. As a pregnant mom with twins (12 yrs ago) I felt such a strong desire, such a strong conviction. It gave me strength. Everybody from family to church, co-workers and neighbors, all opposed it. Some protested, lots of mocking, some stopped talking to us! It's hard. I'm a people pleaser...but I found strength and a special calling to be at home and raise my own kids. Not always easy! And at times it can be very overwhelming, scary, lonely, and frustrating. But I love it!

- I love learning and growing with them. The Best Job for me !

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