by Maria

I'm moving from another country to US in the middle of a school year. We are going to be for 3 months in one city and then move to our final destination. I think the best thing to do so my 9 year old doesn't miss this school year, is to homeschool him for the rest of the school year. How can I get started?


Reply from Diane:

My suggestion would be to visit to see what the requirements are to homeschool in the state you're moving to. Each state has its own laws and you will want to be sure you're following them. Some require you to send in curriculum documentation while others do not, for example.

Once you know the rules and what you need to cover, you'll be able to purchase the books of your choice. You might also get to know your local librarian. He/she will be able to put you in touch with other homeschoolers in the area. Homeschool families tend to frequent the library. :)

All the best to you as you move to our country!

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