7th Grade Middle School
Home Schooling

For us, middle school home schooling allowed us to tailor our children's education to suit their interests. Education is a priority, but we still tried to make it as fun as possible!

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Home schooling middle school is actually easier than grade school. Why? Because the children already know how to read! Much of their learning will be done via reading. And you can’t do that for them!

We still have our DEAR time. One mom called it that for “Drop Everything And Read!” Which is exactly what we do for an hour each day. The children find something to do with their hands (knitting, drawing, puzzles – you get the picture) while I read aloud a great book. I really enjoy that time together. Plus it gives me a chance to read a classic, something I regretfully never did when I was in school.

Our Middle School
Homeschool Curriculum

Sonlight: Love to Learn

  • Math

    We found and liked Math-U-See. This was the year they finished the Advanced book that was started in the sixth grade as it takes a couple of years to complete. Videos and manipulative blocks and overlays are available which I strongly recommend. You can tell that Steve Demme loves what he does. That makes learning a little more fun…for everyone!

    All of the children had to know their math facts. I had a box of flash cards back from when I was a kid that we used. Once they were able to go through fifty cards in a minute three times, they could stop doing them. I had them graph their progress so that they could see improvement. Because I timed them, they were always working against the clock, not a sibling. We did this once a week and called it "Flash Card Friday".

  • Reading/Social Studies

    Sonlight is my favorite program for teaching social studies, making this middle school home schooling subject easy. It uses great literature to teach history. I don’t know about you, but I hated history. I also hated to read. (Bet you’re wondering how I was able to homeschool!) But this program makes learning about the past fun because you’re drawn into the era with a great book. This was the year we covered World History.

  • Writing

    The Learning Language Arts Through Literature program covers not only parts of speech and grammar, but it also has the children read some of the classics. This year we used the Tan Book. Although this writing curriclum had me dictate lessons to them once in a while, for the most part they were able to do everything on their own.

    Before getting the Tan Book, we tried Learn to Write the Novel Way. I thought they would like creating a book of their own. We had good intentions, but the “novelty” wore off!

  • Science and Health

    Grab a copy of Ruth Beechick’s You Can Teach Your Child Successfully for some great ideas on how to teach these subjects. All of Usborne’s science and history books are fantastic. My children would pour over these books again and again, always picking up something of interest. The Southwestern Company also has some nice books. They seemed to learn and retain so much more when allowed to use their freedom to explore.

  • The Extra Stuff

    Somehow, middle school home schooling just is not complete without these additions:

    English From The Roots Up is a great tool for learning the root meaning of our language. With the help of flash cards, the children quickly learned that many of our words come from the Greek or Latin root. It has helped them understand the meaning of many words, which prepared them for parts of the PSAT and ACT.

    Foreign Language

    I used Power Glide – Spanish for one year with Laura and Emily. We thought it was going to be fun, but after getting into it, it got to be too difficult. I tried to learn along with them, trying to figure out some of it, but we would often have questions and not know where to turn.

    Thankfully, we had a German teacher in town teaching evening classes. Ask around, you may find someone in your area who knows a second language willing to teach just to keep in practice, too!

    Wordly Wise and Building Thinking Skills

    The children did these on Fridays. Both of these books also helped them to score well on their PSAT and ACT exams.

This middle school home schooling program worked well for us. I trust you will glean something from our experience. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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