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I have four children that are schooling at home right now and I find it difficult to fit everything in and give them all the attention they need. I am most concerned about their development in reading/writing. I am hoping to find a language arts (grammar and writing) curriculum that employs the use of a DVD, and possibly also incorporates input about their writing from an outside teacher. I am wondering if the ABeka DVD curriculum is offered as individual courses, that I might just enroll my children in English and possibly Bible, without having to pay for the other courses? I am comfortable teaching the other subjects out of books alone, and I can not afford the entire grade enrollment for all four children.

Diane's Reply:

Yes, Abeka offers Subject Combinations for Grades 1-6 (combining Language Arts & Bible -OR- Arithmetic, Science, History, & Bible) and Individual Courses for Grades 7-12 (each subject sold separately). However, when I called, the lady mentioned that because of the cost, if you order more than 2 Individual Courses, Abeka will automatically "bump you up" to the full grade program.

For more information visit Abeka Academy Courses. Just click on the grade level you're interested in and another page comes up with descriptions for each course and pictures of the instructors! Their toll free number is also there should you have questions.

All the best to you and your family. Thanks for visiting us!

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