I Homeschool Because

by Maurrean Barger

I homeschool because I love my children and am absolutely determined to provide them the very best I am physically, spiritually, and emotionally able.

I homeschool because both public and private schools have proven to me they can't be trusted with my children.

Because even I, in all my inadequacies, am a better teacher for my children than the best public/private teacher (this is not a slam).

Because I will not have my children learn ethics, morals, etc. from unknown, undependable sources.

Because I am so very fortunate to be financially able.

However, it seems the vast percentage of folks in our area homeschool reasons more directly related to religion. Some mothers have been called by God to teach their children. Other parents want to impress God's word on their children themselves, instead of the child getting most of this from a private school teacher.

Very interestingly (at least to me) about 30% of the people I've met that homeschool are ex public/private school teachers.

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