How to Start

by Ms Robinson
(Yonkers )

My 14 year old asks for homeschooling on a daily basis. I ask him all the time if someone is bothering him or if he's being bullied and his answer is always, "No, Ma" . I tell him I'm going to go to the school and find out for myself and he tells me, "Okay, then go." I want my son to be comfortable and be able to learn and enjoy it at the same time. At first I didn't pay it much attention but now I'm considering homeschooling.... but I don't know the steps to take. I'm thinking maybe he's getting nervous because he will be in high school next year. Please give suggestions!

Hello Ms Robinson,

Please know that my children were homeschooled from day one, so I don't have experience removing them from the public school. But, I do have some ideas for you.

Start with taking him up on making a visit to the school. You may be surprised by what is going on there. That in itself might be all you need to decide.

Because your son is showing an interest in homeschooling, get him involved! You can research together what is necessary to homeschool in your state.

Your local librarian should know who is homeschooling in your area. Leave your contact information with the librarian for a homeschooler to call you.

He may be anxious about high school. Talk with him about it. Don't ask yes or no questions. Ask the probing who, what, when, when, where and why questions.

That should get you started!

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It's so much easier than you think.
by: Nita

I pulled my oldest daughter out to homeschool at 10th grade. I took an easy approach and enrolled her in online classes through Abeka Academy,, Landry Academy - all of which we loved. Then she started taking Community College Classes as Dual enrollment credit for high school and college. Transcripts for high school are easy also - and if you don't feel comfortable creating them for your kid, there are organizations that will do it for you. If you aren't comfortable doing this yourself, you can join an Umbrella Group, Tutorial, or CO OP.

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