How to Determine Virtual School Grade Level

My son was in private school and they put him up two grades but now got kicked out of the school for being defiant. He was in 7th grade and does not know any of the school work. Can I virtual school him starting in 5th grade? I wonder if I can put him in the grade that he needs to be in (5th) or the one he's currently in (7th).

Reply to How to Determine Virtual School Grade Level:

Let me start by explaining what a virtual school is. They are public schools that loan students computers, give them assignments to do at home, and monitor their progress by computers. Because they are public schools, they are regulated by the state and must comply with public school standards and testing requirements.

Most (if not all) virtual schools have an admissions process which includes providing detailed information about your child. This will help them determine what grade level to enter him in. That will address your question of what grade level to start him at.

Please understand, virtual schools are not homeschools. Homeschools are private and have different requirements depending on the state you reside in. There are many virtual schools, so I suggest you research what is available in your state. This will help you decide which one will be best for your child. You may also want to check with your area public school as they should be able to give you additional information about virtual schools in your area.

Hope that helps and all the best to you and your son!

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