How old is too old to homeschool?

by Alica
(Houston, TX)

I just began homeschooling my boys this year. They are 10 and 12. I'm worried that I waited too long. My 12 year old doesn't take it as seriously as he did in public school. In public school he seemed to outshine the other he is content to do just a half way job. I'm not sure how to motivate him, or if I've made a mistake by pulling him out of public school.

Diane's Reply to How old is too old to homeschool?:

Hi Alica,

Congratulations on your first year of homeschooling! That first year is one of the most difficult, in my opinion, especially if you're transitioning from the public school.

With that in mind, I strongly suggest you read aloud to your boys The Teenage Liberation Handbook. It will give some excellent suggestions on how to comfortably transition from public to homeschool. So often, parents and students feel they need to "do school" at home with dry boring textbooks. There are many other ways families are homeschooling. You (all) should sit down and talk about needs and goals and choose what is best for YOU. You may even consider taking a few months off just to sort it all out. I think that once you establish those goals, they will be the motivation he needs to excel.

That said, homeschooling can be a very positive experience, but it's not for everyone. Talk it over as a family and make the choice that is right for you.

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