How long does the process take?

by Louise

If your child no longer wants to be at school, how long would it take to get the whole thing done? And how much longer would the child have to go to school before they can start homeschooling?

Reply to How long does the process take?

If I'm understanding your question, you want to know if there is some type of waiting period or process before it's legal to keep your child at home. Every country is different and I don't know what the laws are in Australia, but here in Wisconsin, one can begin homeschooling any time during the school year. We do not have to wait until the beginning of the next academic year or semester, as might be the case in other states or countries. Once we fill out the necessary paperwork, we can start. That paperwork I'm referring to is the Department of Public Instruction's PI-1206 which is available online. Once we submit that we can start. It really is that simple here.

My advice would be to find other homeschoolers in your area. The best place to find them would be at your local library. Homeschoolers tend to hang out there and the librarians know who they are. Leave your name and phone number with the librarian for a homeschooling parent to contact you. Most parents are happy to share their experiences.

Try searching online for homeschooling regulations in your specific area. That should start to take you down the right path.

I don't always suggest taking the route of asking public school officials because they don't always give accurate information. So, only go that route if you have exhausted all other avenues.

Search it out. Take your time and then take a deep breath. You are about to embark on a wonderful journey you and your child will enjoy.

All the best,

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