How do I start homeschooling my six year old, immediately?

(Moving from Mississippi to Florida)

My husband took a job in Mississippi and we had to pack and move, quite suddenly. We are only here for four weeks before moving to Florida for a couple of years. I had to pull our daughter out of her school with less than a days notice and there is less than four weeks left of the school year. She needs to be homeschooled the duration of the school year and I haven't the slightest idea how to get started. Time is of the essence so she can advance to the first grade next school year. Help!! Who do I contact? What will I need to get started? Oh, and the movers lost a file cabinet containing all of our original birth certificates and her immunization records to get enrolled into school. HELP PLEASE!

Reply from Diane:

Because there are just a few weeks left in the school year, you may be able to get any remaining assignments from her previous kindergarten teacher and just finish the public school year. You did not mention where you lived prior to moving to Mississippi, but that is where I would start as it may be the easiest, especially as your movers lost valuable records.

Have you decided what to do once in Florida? Is she going to attend public school there? You may want to find out if Florida requires their first graders to have attended kindergarten, which I believe they do. If so, you will need proof of her having attended kindergarten.

To be honest, I'm not convinced homeschooling is your best option in this situation. Four weeks is a very short time to homeschool, especially if you're planning to go back into the public school system.

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