How do I know if I pass?

by Samantha

How do I know if I pass my grade and can move on to the next grade?

Reply from Diane:

Good question, Samantha! That could be puzzling, but there are a number of ways parents evaluate the progress of their homeschooled children.

1. You just know, naturally! Parents automatically observe and evaluate their children without needing to really plan or think about it. Because of their interest in their child's needs, they make adjustments as a result of observations. A parent knows where their child is struggling and will assign special tasks when needed. That is what we did. It was more of a process done daily/weekly than passing or failing at the end of the year.

2. Many parents find it helpful to review their homeschool records, comparing what they did in the past. This can easily be done IF you're a good record keeper. A Scope and Sequence would also be helpful in determining what is normally taught in what grade.

3. Some parents use standardized tests and other assessments. You could also use a private testing service. Please know that the majority of homeschoolers avoid standardized tests since they know their children well from working with them. Standardized tests have been shown to be biased, unfair, and inaccurate; so keep that in mind should you decide to go this route. Our children took the PSAT at our local public high school. We had the results mailed to us. They did quite well, if I must say so!

These are the most widely used ways of assessing children's educational needs. Hope it helps and thank you for asking!

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Ways to evaluate your child's progress
by: Nita

There are many ways to do this. Some public school systems allow homeschoolers to test with the other children. Or your umbrella group (if you belong to one) can administer tests for you. We actually did the Stanford 10 administered online through Abeka for a small cost. Now dealing with a High Schooler I have them take a corresponding CLEP/DSST test as a final exam to subject matter and my kid earns potential college credit per test.

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