Homeschooling vs Public Schooling

Homeschooling vs Public Education?

There are so many options out there when it comes to educating your children, and homeschooling vs public schooling is moving more and more to the forefront.

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I asked a group of homeschool parents their opinion on the subject of home school vs public school and a common thread seemed to surface. And that was:

Whatever works for you and your family is best for you and your family.

Simple? Let's get started.

It basically boils down to three important questions. Let’s just leave out whether it is a home school or a public school for a moment and ask:

What does the school have to offer?
Does this school meet the required needs of my child? Will he/she learn what’s important to us…computer skills, physics, sports?

How willing is the instructor?
Does the teacher have a genuine interest in the education of my child? How well does he/she know my child or her subject for that matter?

What is the desire of the pupil?
Will my child be happy with the school we choose?

homeschooling vs public schooling

Now, don’t go asking your neighbor or your best friend what they think. You must go deep within yourself and think each of these through, one by one. Once you honestly answer these questions, you will be well on your way to making the right decision for you and your family.

Still not sure? That's okay. This is not something you want to jump into. Take time to ponder the advantage of homeschooling and the negative effects of homeschooling from other parents who have been there.

Okay, please forgive me for throwing in this last bit of info. A parent from the group shared this with us and I thought you should know. You just may want to take a peek at these sobering statistics from this trustworthy site.

You will also be surprised to discover who was educated at home.

Let me close by saying that I recently met an author who is nearly finished writing a chapter on homeschooling vs public education. “…by far the best I have written. I will definitely be homeschooling in the future.” ~Bushra H.

With all the research she has been doing to prepare for a chapter on homeschooling vs public schooling, she must know her subject!

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