Homeschooling for 3 months while traveling outside the U.S.

Hi. My 15 year old daughter and I will be traveling from Jan 25 thru April of this year. I want to provide the best homeschool option while we travel. I've applied months ago to Visions in Education and just found out today that she is on a waiting list as there aren't any teachers available. I thought we were all set to go with Visions, so now I'm panicking. She is an A and B student in 10th grade. Please help!

Reply from Diane:


How wonderful for you both! That sounds like a great education in itself! Is your daughter in the public school now? If you're from the U.S., you will be returning before school finishes for the summer. If so, her teachers may be able to set her up for the next three months and test her when she returns. With her being an A or B student, it should be no problem.

As a homeshcool mom, I would be teaching in the moment. She (and you!) will be learning so much just being immersed in another culture. In my opinion, it is more important to learn from the trip instead of studying from a book. Find a way to balance the two. Let her give some input, too!

The only other thing to recommend is to keep track of her credits for college entrance should she be considering further education after high school. Make sure whatever credits she is working on now won't be compromised by the trip.

Have a wonderful time!

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