Homeschool Year Round?

Do you homeschool year round or do you and your family have summer/winter breaks or whatever? And if you do, how long of breaks do you take? Also, do you homeschool only Monday through Friday, or do you school on weekends, too?

Diane's Reply:

Great questions!

No, we don't homeschool year round. I always have good intentions to keep the math going, but then summer arrives and we take a break!

We do take breaks, like a day for Thanksgiving, or Easter, or Christmas. But we don't take a whole week off during those holidays. We'd rather have the freedom to do other things at other times of the year if and when something comes up. As long as we get our required 875 hours/year in (our Wisconsin law), we can be as flexible as we want!

How long are our breaks?

We've taken trips a week or two long here and there. Laura went with me to Texas once and took her algebra along. She actually finished both algebra and geometry that year. So, don't worry about NOT getting things done. Because homeschoolers can move along at their own pace, they typically WANT to finish early and often do.

I will say that when they were in 4-H, I had them complete their record books on school time during the summer. Not that they wanted to, but it had to get done! But then we would start a little later in the fall.

Yes, we homeschool Monday through Friday, never on the weekends. And there is no such thing as a "Snow Day" here in our Wisconsin homeschool, either! =)

We have done some traveling in the fall and the spring. That is my favorite time to vacation...when it's not so crowded. That is another advantage of homeschooling, being able to do things when the public school kids are in school!

This is just how WE choose to do it!

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Lighten the Load
by: Judy

We enjoy a four day school week! Fridays are kept for further exploration, trips, HOUSEWORK, and more PRAYER time! This works great for our family and we love the blessing of homeschooling in that each family can find their unique way of doing things!

We take time off for summer break; spending that time playing, working in our garden, and RESTING!

We do keep up our reading though and we are a family who LOVES read aloud time as a family! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ACTIVITY!!!

I know several families who school year 'round and it works well for them.

We use the summer months as opportunities for extra curricular experiences..we're STILL learning...just in a more laid-back and relaxed/spontaneous way!

Great question! Thanks for letting us share!
Joy to Your Homeschools!

Home School Year Round
by: Valerie Neal

We do school year round somewhat. We are huge gardeners here, so in the early spring we slow the schooling down a bit, rising early to get things done outside. We then start to "wind" the main curriculum down. Through the summer we read, practice spelling and keep our math skills sharp so that we don't have to review in the fall.

Kind-of do Homeschool Year Round
by: Andrea

We kinda homeschool year round. The kids tend to boycott the last 3 weeks of summer and refuse to work. Still we do math year round, usually reviewing and doing critical thinking workbooks during the summer.

Home School Year Around
by: Melinda

We homeschooled year around for awhile. I did it because I needed more breaks. I guess I was getting burnt out. We would do 3 weeks on 1 week off. It was nice. Now I do school from Sep - Thanksgiving week then take the rest of the year off. Jan- June.

Seems to work out better this way.

Year Round Homeschool
by: Mary

We've been a homeschooling family for 16 years and tend to homeschool year round. We do, however, take longer breaks - the whole month of December for example - and also use the summer for studying things that just don't seem to fit into the regular school year. Both of my children were (are) also athletes so we have worked around their travel and training schedules.

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