High School

by Sandra

So, I am worrying myself about high school! I try not to. I have 11 1/2 years until then. But, it still seems to be in my mind. My main worry is...what if I don't know an answer to a question that my son has a problem with? Like, Algebra. I don't remember anything about it, I don't think. How did you prepare yourself for things like that? Did you remember it, or learn it with them, or did you learn in advance so you could teach them?

Diane's Reply to High School:

You are putting the ox before the cart, Sandra! Slow down! You have 11 1/2 years before needing to remember logarithms. Your son will get there all in good time, one step at a time.

Yes, you will RE-learn it right along with your son. It comes back, kinda like riding a bike. You'll go through flash cards and remember what 12X8 was. Then you'll progress on to reciprocals and the like. Notice I said progress? That means baby steps, as you and your child feel comfortable moving forward. I did not study any material beforehand. Sometimes I would sit and watch a video with them. But for the most part, they would (and still do even now) move on to the next lesson once they've aced the lesson before.

I'm not going to lie, there will be times when you WON'T know an answer. And that's OKAY! That's why they make answer keys! But really, the curriculum we use has an 800# for questions. So, you won't be alone. The only time we were left without an answer, was using one of our Spanish programs. Looking back now, it was really no big deal.

Relax. If my calculations are correct, your son is just three years old. Take him to the library and pick out some books to read to him. He'll love it and he'll pick up how to read as he follows along with you. Then, when he's in middle school, take a peek at our high school homeschool curriculum ideas. Wait until you and he are ready. If you do it now, you will only burden yourself with unnecessary worry. Just keep it simple!

All the best to you and your family.

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