High School History

What courses are available for high school history and in what sequence?

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The Abeka catalog lists their course descriptions by grade level:

Grade 9 Hebrew History - Kings of Israel - Bible study series with memory verses

Grade 10 World History - Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle Ages, the Reformation Era, the Age of Ideas, the twentieth century; current events

Grade 11 U.S. History - Includes discovery of America, birth of nation, growing as a nation, American character, expansion and conflict, age of industry, world wars, depression, and present day; current events

Grade 12 American Government - (One Semester) Foundations of American government, our constitutional republic, our federal republic, state and local study, current events

Economics - (One Semester) Free enterprise capitalism, personal responsibility, Protestant work ethic, economics and political freedoms, hope for the future, research paper, current events

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by: Anonymous

This is my children's 1st year of homeschool. We use A Beka, and they absolutely love the History better than any subject. This is the first time I have ever heard my 14 yr. old say he loves history.

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