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My daughter is in 11th grade. This is our first year at homeschooling and it has not gone smooth at all!! My daughter has a learning disability and is on a IEP. She is not getting the support and accommodations she should be and this is turning into a nightmare for her and me. I feel I am alone and the only advocate for my daughter. Any help would be truly appreciated.

Thank You

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In all honesty, this is my first introduction to the term IEP. For those of you also learning about it for the first time, it stands for Individualized Education Program to help kids succeed in school. It's a free service for kids with delayed skills or other disabilities. It's my understanding that the child is evaluated by a team of professionals to determine what support the child will need. You as a parent have a chance to review the report and work with the school to come up with a plan that best suits the child's needs.

Once those goals are established, schooling can begin. Should you want to make changes, add a service, or change one, you can request a meeting to discuss your concerns. It's my hunch, that this is where you are and that you have already contacted your "team". If not, do that first. You have rights as a parent which includes seeking out advocates or attorneys familiar with the IEP process.

I found this site helpful in my research: Hopefully this site will help you. There may be others out there, too.

All the best to you.

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