Gladiator The Movie

by B. Wildered
(Palm Beach)



Gladiator the movie is a fun, action-packed film for anyone who likes the Roman theme. It's a good movie because the actors did a great job, giving a real feel for what it must have been like back then.

It is a story about a Roman general, Maximus Decimus Meridius, who the current aging Emperor wants to be his successor. The Emperor's son, on the other hand, wants to be next at the head of Rome, so he assassinates the Emperor. He blames his father's death on his old age, and has his soldiers try to execute Maximus so no one is left to take up the mantle but himself. Maximus escapes however, where he returns to Rome as a gladiator where he takes out his revenge, hence the title.

(This movie is rated R for blood and violence).

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