Get My Daughter Caught Up

by Jennifer Yauger
(Kinsman, Ohio)

How can I get my daughter caught up. She failed the 9th grade and only got 3 credits. She is currently doing online schooling for 9th grade & is failing that. How can I make her 3 credits up & get 10th grade done so she is back in 11th grade? How much would this cost?

Diane's reply to Get My Daughter Caught Up:


I totally understand your concern. Let me first ask, why is she failing? There must be some underlying cause here that is the reason for her not learning. Is she ill, are there social issues, has she become totally disinterested in her education? Please understand, I am no expert, but I will make a few suggestions based on my experience.

Here in Wisconsin, we can use books from the library or use an accredited curriculum. One is free, the other can cost hundreds of dollars a year. It is really up to you and the student. Visit to see what is required of you in the state of Ohio. Then go from there.

I strongly suggest that you and your daughter read (together preferably) The Teenage Liberation Handbook. You should be able to get it through your local library. This book alone will direct you and her on the right path. You may even want to take some time OFF of school! You may need to do summer school to get caught up. Or for her, it may be best to just graduate a year later. There is nothing wrong with that!

You need to spark a desire in her to want to learn! It will not happen overnight. Be patient. Search out her interests. Take it one day at a time.

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Her Speed
by: Chrissy


I'd also like to know what has slowed her down, it will help with giving advice on how to get her up to speed.

My daughter has a few learning differences.I spent a lot of time worrying about her being "on target" and had to come to terms with the fact that she doesn't learn on my schedule. I found different ways of doing lessons with her that work with her style of learning. I've also dealt with her depression which affected her interest in what she was learning.

Do you have any ideas as to what is in her way?

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