From Homeschool to Public School

by Amanda

Could you please tell me what's required to transition your child from homeshcool to public school? My daughter is a very bright child. She is only 4, knows all her numbers, letters, shapes, etc. She even knows some science and can already do simple math and simple reading. From what I've heard, most public schools will not allow you to enroll a child in Kindergarten before the age of 5. Therefore, I have decided to homeschool my daughter for Kindergarten because I really do not think she would be happy in Preschool. They do preschool work at her daycare and she is already bored with it.

The problem is, we are a military family, currently stationed in Japan. We will be leaving Japan mid school year (Dec) and going to Virginia. We will be taking 30 days leave before heading to Virginia. So, even if I could get her into a public school right now, she would not be able to transfer because she will have been absent too many days. My husband will be up for re-enlistment before we've been in Virginia a year, and they could send us anywhere once again. We have no way of knowing till then on where we will go next.

How do I ensure my daughter is certified as having passed Kindergarten so that next year I can enroll her in public school for First grade? Is there a test of some sort? Do the rules differ from state to state/ country to country??? Please HELP!

Reply From Diane for From Homeschool to Public School


Congratulations first of all, on getting your daughter off to a great start! It sounds like she loves to learn and is already ahead of her peers. If I were you, I'd ask myself if putting her in the public school would benefit her. You mentioned that she is already bored with preschool. I'm thinking she will most likely continue to stay ahead of her peers. I loved letting my children blossom at their own speed at what interested them.

With your military travels, you'd be changing public schools periodically, making it difficult for her to adjust each time. A homeschool curriculum would seem to me to be just the ticket allowing her to move along at her own speed in the same curriculum. Sonlight is used by military families worldwide. It's what we used, I highly recommend them. Learn how to start homeschooling. If you're looking for an accredited homeschool, one option would be Alpha Omega. Take a minute to learn a little about the Alpha Omega Curriculum.

I must admit that I never put my children into the public school, so I cannot guide you there. Does anyone have suggestions for Amanda? Thanks!

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