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Don't overlook the flashcards!

A Beka has country and capital flash cards, flower, bird and insect flash cards. My kids are older now and are really glad they learned all those. It is surprising how much that little extra knowledge base helps, and it is not hard to add in a little at a time in the elementary grades.

Reply by Diane:

So true! I love flashcards. I was not aware that A Beka had so many different sets. There's no better way to learn than by repetition involving rote memory. And that is best done with flash cards!

Our family used an O-L-D set of math flash cards that I used as a kid. (Told you they were old!) We did them on Flash Card Friday and each child would graph their progress on a chart. I flipped the cards and timed them to see just how many they got correct in one minute. This way they weren't competing with big sis, but with themselves. They learned their math basics better than I did!

Another set that comes to mind is English From The Roots Up. We have the Volume II set of 100 cards. The Greek or Latin root word is on the font with the pronunciation, definition, and examples on the back.

Oh yes, Spalding's Writing Road to Reading is another set we used a lot. The cards had letters of the alphabet with all the sounds it made on the back with examples.

You can never go wrong with a set of flash cards.

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