Field Trips

by Stella

I remember when I was in school and my teacher would always tell us that she was trying to get it okayed that we go on field trips. But, then it seemed like we would never be able to go because it wouldn't be in the school's budget. A couple times we did have fundraisers so we could pay for the bus to take us some where, but our parents had to pay for our way in.

So, if my toddler eventually went to public school and got the chance to go on a field trip I would have to pay for her way in anyway! But if she was home schooled we could go on more field trips. I wouldn't have to worry about a school budget not being able to afford to pay for a bus to drive 25 kids to some place. All I would have to worry about is driving there and paying for us. If we are reading a book, and there is a play about it nearby we could go. If we are learning about animals we could go to a zoo. If we are learning about plants we could go to a forest to actually be up close and look at them.

That is one thing I hated about subjects like biology. They would show us pictures of things, and movies. And we would read things out of our text book. But we never really got to be hands-on with anything. If we saw a real leaf or something it was because the teacher brought it in. It will be nice to actually show her the plant in the forest rather then a picture of it. And that is something she would miss out if she went to public school.

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