Don't see Fantastic Mr. Fox!

Even though this part of the website is for movies you recommend, I wanted to warn you not to see Fantastic Mr. Fox so that no one would have to go through the mistake I went through. I rented Fantastic Mr. Fox for my family as we have movie night once a week. I have young children and thought Fantastic Mr. Fox would be good. I heard good reviews about it. It's rated PG! And it's made after the children's book. Sounds good so far right....Wrong. I shut it off in the first 5 minutes.

In the first 5 minutes I saw a lot of adult conversation, a child trying to skip school, smoking, alcohol, and guns. In the beginning the husband steals chickens for his line of work. Then the wife tells him she wants him to pick a different job because she is pregnant. 5 years later, their son is trying to skip school. The husband talks about being poor and hating his job and their house. He finds a different house above ground and tries to take out a loan. But the banker tells him he is so poor that if he took out this loan he would basically be drowning himself and tells him that foxes shouldn't live above ground anyway because there is a hunter (who is smoking) who makes his own alcohol out of apples that he drinks daily.

At this point I shut it off! Warning do not rent, buy or even watch this movie with your children.

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