Difference Between Accredited and Non-Accredited

by Jessica S.
(Schweinfurt, Germany)

What's the difference between accredited and non-accredited A Beka Programs? I am now using A Beka Program 1, accredited, but thinking about doing the non-accredited program. The only difference is that I keep the grades and records, right? Do any A Beka users do it this way?? Any recommendations, tips, hints - is much appreciated!!

This is our first year of homeschooling, and we love A Beka curriculum for it's content and material. I also use several other materials for Art, & Foreign Language (Spanish).

Found you just in time on Twitter. Thank you!

Jessica S.

Jamie's Reply for Difference Between Accredited and Non-Accredited:

I assume they're the same program, the only difference would be that with the non-accredited your child won't have to read from their book over the phone and you won't have to send papers or tests in. A Beka won't be giving you a report card. The parent would be the grader.

If you want to take it slower and take your own pace, then the non-accredited would be best. Just keep your own records/transcripts.

The accredited program requires you to stay on their schedule so it's more difficult to tweak to your schedule. For instance, knowing we are going to be gone this afternoon, we worked ahead with our school work yesterday to make sure we got it finished. If you're doing the non-accredited, you may be tempted to skip it altogether! ;)

We've only used the accredited program, and I will admit that our first year was a difficult one. We almost quit! But it got easier, and by the second year it went much smoother because we knew what to expect. We are so happy that we stuck with it, though, it keeps me accountable.

If you're the type of person that can stay on schedule and keep records, then I would recommend doing the non-accredited. But if you're high strung like I am, then you will definitely want the accredited program. I'm one of those who wants to be sure my children get all they need.

Hope that helps you!

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