Daily Schedule

by James
(Ottawa, Canada)

What is your normal daily schedule while you're homeschooling? Do you have set times for subjects? Just something I was thinking about and curious what other people do.

Diane's Reply to Daily Schedule:

Dawn, from Moms Inspire Learning, asked me that same question in an interview she did with me a little while back. She asked me about our typical day. You'll find the schedule along with answers to other interesting questions here.

Very dear friends of ours are using Abeka and have detailed their routine here. Every family puts their own twist on their homeschooling day.

These are just a sampling of homeschooling schedules. They worked for us. Give one a try if you think it might appeal. There is no right or wrong way to learn. Just settle into what works for you and your family!

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Our Schedule
by: Queen Beth

Wake at 8 am, then breakfast
9 begins school
We start with "together subjects" (Bible, ROAR!, Science, social studies...)
Break at 10:30 for chores and snack.
10:45 return to do individual work (math, spelling, language arts, copy work, silent reading, etc....)
Usually done by noon!

We devote the morning hours strictly for school because afternoons are for piano lessons, horse lessons, chores, errands, etc. Plus, if I don't set out a specific time for schooling, I'll be in our classroom all day and I have things to do. The kids know I'm dedicated to them in school from 8-12. It teaches them time management. If they need help in a subject, they know when I'm there to help. They can get those subjects done and save the ones they don't need help with for later. However, my kids are usually done by noon. It's a rare day we go into the afternoon.


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