by Angela
(Mars Hill NC)

What is the difference in cost between the DVD accredited and the traditional accredited program? I do not feel like I am going to be a good teacher! Don't want to hurt my relationship with my very strong willed daughter by being teacher and Mom! Cost is a big thing with us at the moment tho. I stay at home with my 2 children, 3 and 5, and my husband is self employed. Any opinion and expertise is greatly appreciated!

Reply from Diane:


Here is a link taking you to Abeka's website page listing prices. Their Toll Free Number is there should you have questions. Or see what Ebay has near the bottom of Jamie's Homeschool DVD page.

Because your children are so young and cost is a concern, I strongly recommend getting Ruth Beechick's 3R Booklets. She teaches a simple way of instructing little ones through 3rd grade without feeling like you're their teacher. It's very inexpensive and easy to use. This page How to Start Homeschooling has the 3R Booklets link for you.

Great questions. Let us know what you decide! All the Best. :)

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