Considering Abeka Again

by Carla
(Fort Worth, TX)


I am prayerfully considering switching back to Abeka next year. Previously, we used it for K5-3rd (for my now 5th grader) and K5-2nd (for my now 3rd grader). I've tried pulling everything together myself, but I need more structure.

I was wondering how difficult do you think it would be for us to jump back into Abeka? Possibly the academy?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Reply from Jamie for Considering Abeka Again:


It will be very easy for you to jump back into Abeka. Everything is review and that is what I love about Abeka. The 1st semester is review of the grade before, so she'll be fine. Our first daughter was in public school for her first 4 grades and started with Abeka 5th and did just fine. The transition was really easy.

Great question! No worries!

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