Confused with Homeschooling 8th Grade

by Jill

I have just started homeschooling my daughter, Megan, this year (8th grade). We bought the whole 8th grade package from ABEKA. We started for about a week or two but it gets difficult for me to plan and it is a lot to do in one day (so many subjects!).

I also have discipline problems with my daughter. We haven't done any school since then. I feel lost and wish I could send her to school. She doesn't like being at school. I guess you could call me a homeschooling failure. HELP!!!

Reply to Confused with Homeschooling 8th Grade:

Hello Jill,

Congratulations on homeschooling! It's an adjustment from being in the public school which may be why you feel like a failure. You're not...really! Everyone homeschools differently. You chose Abeka, but maybe Abeka is too structured and difficult as you said. My suggestion right now would be to read "The Teenage Liberation Handbook". You'll find it at the library. Read it together. Give yourselves time for it to sink in and then do some of the things the author suggests. You may change what you originally started out to do. And if so, that's okay! There is NO right or wrong way to homeschool, just different styles that suit each family.

As for the discipline problem, Kristina may be able to help you with that if you give her more information. Here is the link for Loving Discipline Methods. You may find the answer you're looking for by reading other visitors' questions and Kristina's answers. If not, ask your specific question, giving her enough details to get you the answer you need for your situation.

If I were you, I would read the "Teenage Liberation Handbook" with your daughter to determine the direction you're both comfortable with in this new homeschooling venture. That in itself may take care of the discipline problem as you talk things out and work out a homeschooling plan together. If not, you can always ask Kristina for help.

Start there for now. Don't fret. Spend time with your daughter and a light will come on putting you on the right path for you!

All the Best to you and Megan,

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